Project Idea: –

  • Establishing an integrated urban society by self-reliance on the resources of its productive projects and absorbing a large number of “manpower” workers.
  • Provision of hard currency from the output of production exported abroad.
  • Creating a homogeneous community environment as an ideal model for citizen and society performance.
  • Project success and work to expand and repeat the project in other places near the coast of Egypt.

Lifting the burden on the state by providing many job opportunities without the need for the state to spend on managing or creating these opportunities, for housing and transporting most of the project workers
From a low to above average standard of living.

Objectives and characteristics of the project: –

  • Establishing strong productive projects that accommodate a large number of manpower of all classes, without qualification and even specialized scientific qualifications.
  • Achieving a very good standard of living, which moves a large segment of its workers from below the poverty line to an above average level.
  • Provide hard currency income from exporting production.
  • The used lands are far from the shore in a way that does not harm the opportunities for other uses (for example tourism) and may reach a depth of 2 km.
    The success of the project as the nucleus of an ideal community structure and its replication at the level of the Republic.
  • Not to burden the government and raise the burden of providing job opportunities, housing,
  • support, etc. for this group working in the project.
    Optimal utilization of the great wealth in Egypt (land, climate, labor)
    Transferring the infection of ideal and model societies to all parts of Egypt.
  • Raising the level of the individual through the direct and indirect methods (Direct to the project workers – indirect to the beneficiaries of the project).