Fish & Shrimp Farming

The group, since its inception, has set a goal for it, which is to support and strengthen the national economy in all aspects and fields, using the strategy of development and future vision, and since the fisheries sector is one of the untapped sectors for optimal exploitation and as it is one of the promising sectors of the main pillars that Egypt has for building and developing the fisheries sector from Salty seas, fresh lakes and the Nile River, in addition to the unique climate, lands, and physical and intellectual capabilities, and from this standpoint the group employed its strong experiences in the field of fish farming and in a short time obtained an agency for one of the major companies (CP PRIMA) specialized in the field of shrimp farming, fodder, larvae and food Pets, shrimp products and food products.


Our Partner

CP PRIMA is the dominant integrated aquaculture shrimp and foods producer company. They continuously set the global standards for superior market-driven products with our innovation and management.
CP Prima is a leading aquaculture company in Indonesia which was incorporated in April 1980. CP Prima produces and sells feed, fry, pet food, probiotics, shrimp products and processed food products for domestic and export markets.

The hatchery uses an updated and advanced technology to produce a sustainable high quality shrimp fry and high quality fish cultivation.

Shrimp & Fish Hatchery​
Shrimp & Fish Hatchery

A high quality shrimp product starts from a healthy cultivation process and feed.CP Prima supplies several kinds of feeds for shrimps, selecting the best high quality ingredients

Shrimp & Fish Hatchery​
Shrimp Feed

The company has been exporting seafood products to the USA, Europe, and Japan since 1990.

Frozen shrimp
Frozen Shrimps

The Integrated Self-produced Infrastructure Projects

Project idea: 

  • Establishing an integrated structural community with self-dependence on the resources of its productive projects and accommodating large number of “manpower” workers.
  • The provision of hard currency from the output of the production exported abroad.
  • Create a homogeneous community environment as an ideal model for citizen and society performance
  • The success of the project and working on expanding and repeating the project in other places near the coast of Egypt.
  • Eliminating the burden that is on the country by providing many job opportunities without the country’s need to spend in creating these opportunities for housing and moving most of the project’s workers from a low living standard to above average.
The Integrated Self-produced Infrastructure Projects

Project objectives and characteristics:

  • Establishing strong productive projects that accommodate a large number of workers of all categories, without qualification and even specialized scientific qualifications.
  • Achieving a very good standard of living, which moves a large segment of its workers from below the poverty line to an above average level.
  • Providing income of hard currency from exporting production.
  • The used lands are far from the shore in a way that does not harm the opportunities for other uses (eg tourism,) and may reach a depth of 2 km.
  • The success of the project as the nucleus of an ideal community structure and its repetition across the Republic.
  • Not to burden the government with providing employment, housing, support, etc. for the workers.
  • Optimal utilization of the great wealth in Egypt (land, climate, and labor)
  • Transferring the infection of the ideal and model communities to all parts of Egypt.
  • Raising the living standard of the individual by means of direct and indirect methods. (Direct to the project workers – indirect to the beneficiaries of the project).