CP Prima are the dominant integrated aquaculture shrimp and foods producer company. They continuously set the global standards for superior market-driven products with our innovation and management.
CP Prima is a leading aquaculture company in Indonesia which was incorporated in April 1980. CP Prima produces and sells feed, fry, pet food, probiotics, shrimp products and processed food products for domestic and export markets.

Our hatchery uses an updated and advanced technology to produce a sustainable high quality shrimp fry and high quality fish cultivation.

Shrimp & Fish Hatchery​

A high quality shrimp product starts from a healthy cultivation process and feed.CP Prima supplies several kinds of feeds for shrimps, selecting the best high quality ingredients

Shrimp & Fish Hatchery​

Our company has been exporting seafood products to the USA, Europe, and Japan since 1990.

Frozen shrimp
Frozen Shrimps